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How Teaching Can Regain it's Lost Gloryof Ancient Times of the Guru Shishya Parampara

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Teaching in a classroom situation can change the future life of the Learners. The present Education system is an activity-based Method, but as a result, the glory of Guru-shishya parampara is omitted. What is Education? Education is the manifestation of man's inner core. Our necessity of Education returns the glory of ancient times of Education. That is DIKSHYA. That Education system is necessary. All knowledge, whether spiritual, exists only in the human mind. In many cases it is covered up, not otherwise revealed, and when this cover is slowly removed, we say 'we are learning' and it is through this process of opening the knowledge that the spread of knowledge takes place. A person from whom this veil has been removed is relatively wise. Knowledge exists within the human mind. All kinds of wisdom and power are inherent in man. Originally, the soul of man was the source of all knowledge. The wisdom which is inherent in man from eternity, he discovers it within himself and manifests it outwardly. Education shows the path of light away from the thick darkness. It leads to truth, forgiveness, mercy, forgiveness, and ideals. Its role is always to make life easier and simpler that lesson is worth it is important. Through this social self-reforms more than the course of life. This is smooth and pervasive. This is the point. All have inspiration fields of self-restraint and large-mindedness.

An external teacher only talks about motivation. The giant botanic tree that sprawls across the top was once no bigger than one-eighth of a tiny mustard seed. In it, all the energy was enclosed and the legs were each of us did not have one. Derived from living cells and ours. All the energy is in that cell of Kundali education was in the form of No one can ever say that he derives life from all food; Because if we pile up all the food in one place and freeze it in a mountain, what energy will be generated from it? Undoubtedly, infinite Guru Shakti resides within the human soul. Knowledge is its manifestation through this transcendental power. A child also teaches himself. But that's how we can help him continue on his own path to become what he is. He accepts what he accepts according to his nature with him. A child's education is in the same state as he himself was in the past type Teaches himself. The teacher is teaching, that by bringing this thought into the mind, he destroys everything. All knowledge exists within man. Its awakening is the duty of the teacher. Babies can learn to use their hands, feet, ears, and eyes to make use of their growth. If children are encouraged with sympathetic words, they will surely improve. If we give them a sense of stability, they will become human and try to stand on their own two feet. Feelings of unbelief make a person weak. He should be taught according to the inclination of the student. True education gives more importance to spiritual development and brings fulfillment to one's life. Self-education is the most important of all other education. The first step in mango development is independence. Children do not get free time for their growth due to the over-dominance of parents. Different ideas to us. It has to be adopted in such a way that it can help us to build character with our life-formation.

Education is a lifelong process. The process that illuminates life and Enables. Education to man to make wealth The only way to gain knowledge Prepares for life, not just for living. A person who realizes this truth and acts accordingly lives a life of real science. Education does not mean only education and knowledge of the subject. When compared to the Supreme Being, man achieves a feat of self-reliance despite his own wisdom. But today's education is considered to be only for saving money and education for one's own social status. The kind of education that is being taught today and the kind of skill that is being taught can make a person so smart and wise, but education with character raises countless desires and aspirations. It makes us the hero of nothing. Today it is said that there is no humanity and idealism in education, anti-social activities, and chaos in the environment is the way to make our education system unsafe. Being articulate, truthful, loving, idealistic, successful, and attractive to humane qualities, Bhupi will be able to guide other students only if he stays with the Guru. The relative difference between man and man is only the difference of respect, Sadhaks are those who have respect for others. No, they are more incapable of acquiring knowledge. The important role of education in the formation of society has been there for ages. Today's education system has not helped to equip us with the tools for life struggle, it

has not strengthened character, it has not awakened the spirit of universal love and it has not worshiped the courage of a lion. According to Swamiji, our civilization needs education which builds character, improves morale, expands understanding, and makes a person his own. The owner may be able to stand on his feet. You can save the juice. Human formation is the ultimate goal of education and training. Human development tools are the desired goal of all

training. The process by which the flow and expression of man's will and spiritual energy are regulated and the child becomes fruitful is true education. What we need is man-shattering religion, wall-to-wall dogma, and man-building education. Education is the penance of the students. The spiritual background of the sauna. The more he meditates, the more he attains perfection. Education is all about good communication in the mind of the teacher and the student. Should be. Children need inspiration to improve their knowledge and confidence. Today's parents are more concerned with the moral development of the child than with the achievement of the child's certificate.

The primary purpose of education is not to collect information, but to make the mind concentrate. This concentration is the only way to gain knowledge. The greater the concentration, the greater the knowledge gained. The more one concentrates on any task, the better that task is. If you compare the lowest level of people with the highest level of people, you will see more or less difference in concentration level. It is this concentration that underlies the overall success of any work. Great achievements in art, music, etc. are born of this concentration. When the mind is concentrated and returns to itself, then all our senses become servants rather than masters. Therefore, it is the only key to gaining knowledge and also the source of knowledge. The associated mental concentration is achieved through the practice of meditation. By observing strict Brahmacharya, the mind can be concentrated and all the lessons can be learned in a very short time. It also brings a lot of memories. The brain of a spiritual person is filled with great energy and great will. Ambika's power is not possible without sanctity. Every boy should be taught to practice complete breathing. Brahmacharya is the name of teaching the mountains in all situations in Kaymanosutana. A man's character, the strength of his mind - is only the sum of the good fathers of the mind. Good and bad, this approach plays an equal part in character building, and in particular places teaches misery more than happiness. Character is seeded when good reforms are strong. When a person does good deeds and thinks more righteously, then his indomitable desire to do righteous deeds awakens in his reluctance. And even if he wants to do any injustice, these good reforms do not allow him to do it. A child's personality and character are developed only through a reforming attitude. Only if we do the right thing and think holy, our unrighteousness, and reforms will be prevented and we can get real education. It is true education that brings change and change in the heart. Only when we understand that there is no beauty in the material world can we understand the true teachings. The first and foremost duty of all of us is to realize the value of education. This was the tradition of the education system to increase the concentration power among the learners. But now the concept of concentration is the vital point to develop children. Many ways to increase concentration power among the Students to implement Dhyan, Japa, Exercises, prayers, Yoga, Moral Education, Song, Music, Pranayam, Drill, etc in Class. Curricular, co-curricular, Extra curricular, Socio personal quality, art, and aesthetic Education are the most important for Quality Education and will support all-round development and also return the glory of Guru-shishya parampara.

About this article 
In the article "How Teaching Can Regain its Lost Glory of Ancient Times of the Guru Shishya Parampara," Saroj Kumar Ojha delves into the profound reservoir of Bhartiya educational heritage. Ojha passionately emphasizes the revered Guru Shishya Parampara of ancient times and endeavors to illuminate the path towards a rekindling of its lost grandeur. This article seeks to unravel the wisdom embedded in the roots of traditional Indian education, shedding light on how contemporary teaching methodologies can draw from these timeless practices to revive the essence and elevate the standards of education in the present era.


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