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Blue Skies
Anurag Sharma- The honorarium mentions at The Trailblazers 2024
Blue Skies
Youthisthan Foundation writing competition


A National Level Writing Competition
on the occasion of

National Youth Day 

Unleash your inner wordsmith and make your voice heard on the grand stage of 'The Trailblazers 2024' – a National Level Writing Competition that resonates with the spirit of National Youth Day. Swami Vivekananda's legacy of youth empowerment continues to guide us, and now it's your turn to be a trailblazer of change!

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Teaching Professionals: Individuals engaged in the field of education as teachers.

  2. College Students: Those currently enrolled in a college or university.

  3. Self-Employed Individuals: Individuals who are entrepreneurs and manage their own business ventures.

  4. Competitive Exam Aspirants: Individuals actively preparing for competitive examinations.

  5. Professionals: Individuals employed in various fields with specific expertise.

  6. Government Servants: Individuals working in government positions.

  7. Housewives: Women managing household responsibilities as their primary occupation.

  8. Other Indian Citizens: Any individual aged 16 years or older who is a citizen of India.

Here are six compelling reasons to register for 'The Trailblazers 2024' 🚀, a national-level article writing competition on the occasion of National Youth Day organized by the esteemed Youthisthan Foundation, from both a career and recognition point of view:

  1. Career Pinnacle 🌟: Elevate Your Professional Trajectory: Don't just participate; embark on a journey that can redefine your career trajectory. 'The Trailblazers 2024' provides a platform to display your intellectual prowess and thought leadership, catching the eyes of potential employers and collaborators who value innovation and fresh perspectives.

  2. Resumé Brilliance 📄: Adorn Your CV with Distinctive Merit: Imagine the impact of having 'The Trailblazers 2024' on your resumé. It's not just an accolade; it's a testament to your commitment to excellence. Amid the sea of CVs, your participation becomes a beacon that sets you apart and showcases your dedication to meaningful engagement.

  3. Network Nexus 🌐: Connect with Visionaries and Peers: Beyond competition, this is a doorway into a network of forward-thinkers. Engaging with fellow participants, judges, and organizers offers mentorship opportunities, invaluable insights, and connections that can shape your career journey in ways you never anticipated.

  4. National Spotlight 🌍: Gain Visibility on a Grand Scale: 'The Trailblazers 2024' is more than an event; it's a national showcase of emerging talent. Your words could resonate with a wide audience, making you a thought influencer whose insights extend far beyond the competition, attracting recognition from various quarters.

  5. Recognition Amplified 🏆: Garner Recognition Beyond Borders: Your participation doesn't just stay confined; it holds the potential to transcend geographical boundaries. As your work receives commendation, you establish yourself as a thought leader, a reputation that resonates not only in your immediate sphere but also across domains.

  6. Unleash Brilliance 🌈: Cultivate Skills and Discover Potential: Dive into subjects, refine your articulation, and unearth your creative voice in ways you've never imagined. 'The Trailblazers 2024' is a call to unleash your potential—develop skills that can power various career pursuits, from content creation to public speaking.

Step into the arena not merely as a participant but as a torchbearer of innovation, creativity, and articulation. 'The Trailblazers 2024' 🚀, presented by the esteemed Youthisthan Foundation. Register now, and let your brilliance shine as a beacon of inspiration and accomplishment. 🌟🖋️

Black Diamond



1. Memento

2. Certificate (Physical Copy)

3. Article will be published on our Website, and on social media

4.  Cash Prize of ₹ 5,000

First Runner up

1. Memento

2. Certificate (Physical Copy)

3. Article will be published on our Website, and on social media

4.  Cash Prize of ₹ 3,000

Second Runner up

1. Memento

2. Certificate (Physical Copy)

3. Article will be published on our Website, and on social media

4.  Cash Prize of ₹ 2,000

Next Best Ten

1. Memento

2. Certificate (Physical Copy)

3. Article will be published on our Website, and on social media

4.  Cash Prize of ₹ 1,000

Blurry Purple Background

📅 Important Dates for The Trailblazers 2024 Journey 📅

🚀 Registration Closes: January 4, 2024

📝 Articles Submission Deadline: January 5, 2024

🏆 Result Declaration: January 14, 2024

📜 E-Certificate Download: January 12, 2024

🏅 Dispatch of Certificates/Memento: January 31, 2024

🌐 Publication on Website & Social Media: February 28, 2024

🌟 Join us in The Trailblazers 2024 and mark these dates in your calendar for an inspiring journey of creativity and recognition! 🌟



Register For Challenge 

You will get registration acknowledgment immediately after registration.


Get the Enrollment Number

You will get an Enrollment Number within 48 hours of registration



Submit your article 

You need to submit your article in pdf format

(Submission link will be shared within 48 hours of registration)


Wait for the result 

The result will be announced as per the schedule given



Topic (Any one of your choice)

  1. India in 2047: Swami Vivekananda's India at the centenary of Independence.

  2. "If I can get some young men of heart and energy, I shall revolutionize the whole country." How can the world's youngest nation fulfill this claim made by Swamiji?

  3. Youth and spirituality: How can Swamiji's way of practicing religion and spirituality be the torch bearer for the youth of the 21st century?

Code of Conduct and Guidelines for 'The Trailblazers 2024'

  1. Originality and Plagiarism: Participants must adhere to the highest standards of originality. Plagiarism in any form will result in immediate disqualification. All submissions must be the author's own work, and references must be appropriately cited.

  2. Use of ChatGpt: The use of AI-based tools such as ChatGpt or any other similar platforms is strictly prohibited. Entries must reflect the participant's individual thought process and writing skills.

  3. Central Theme Illustration: Submissions should align with the central theme of the competition. Participants are encouraged to effectively express their ideas, insights, and perspectives that revolve around the theme.

  4. Personal Experiences: Incorporating personal experiences related to the theme is encouraged, as it adds depth and authenticity to the articles. However, the personal anecdotes should contribute to the overall narrative.

  5. Language and Format: Entries can be submitted in English, Hindi, or any other Indian language. The article should be submitted in PDF format, containing 1200-1500 words. Maintain a readable font size of 12 for English and 14 for Hindi and other regional languages, with a line spacing of 1.5.

  6. Single Entry: Each participant is allowed to submit only one entry for the competition. Multiple submissions from the same participant will lead to disqualification.

  7. Publication Status: Submitted articles must be original and unpublished, even online. Entries should not have been previously published in any format to maintain fairness in the competition.

  8. Selection Process: A panel of judges will be responsible for evaluating the submissions and selecting the winners. The panel's decision is final and binding for all participants.

  9. Copyright and Usage: By submitting an entry, participants grant Youthisthan Foundation the right to publish and use the articles for promotional purposes, with due credit to the authors.

  10. Ethical Writing: Articles should be written in a respectful and responsible manner. Any content that is offensive, discriminatory, or harmful will lead to immediate disqualification.

  11. Submission Deadline: All entries must be submitted by the specified deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.

  12. Contact Information: Participants should provide accurate contact information while submitting their entries. This will facilitate communication regarding the competition and results.

Participating in 'The Trailblazers 2024' Article Writing Competition implies understanding and agreeing to these guidelines and the code of conduct.

Let your words pave the way for innovation, creativity, and thought leadership this National Youth Day!

Judgment Criteria

1. Central Theme- Contextual (20%)
2. Coherence and organization in structure (20%) 
3. Creativity and innovation (40%)
4. Clarity in language expression and style (20%)

Sanya Tyagi

Participant, The Trailblazers 2023

“I think the entire competition was conducted and organized in a very seamless manner. Even the organizing committee was very responsive throughout. I loved the initiative of the organization and I appreciate all the efforts put in by them."

Contribution to our cause 

As a charitable organization, we do not make a profit from registration fees. We spend all the money we raise on humanitarian and charitable causes. If you would like to support us further in our social and charitable initiatives, we welcome you with an open 

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