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🌸✨🩸 Promoting Menstrual Hygiene with #HygieneForShe ✨🩸🌸

As you may know, in India teenagers and young girls often share their sanitary towels with other women in the household. Although it is washed thoroughly, venereal diseases can be transmitted by sharing in spite of that. Schoolgirls, especially from rural areas, miss school for at least four-five days each month over menstruation. According to UNESCO, 71% of adolescent girls in India are unaware of menstruation until they get their first period. 23 Million girls drop out of school due to a lack of menstrual hygiene and awareness. These issues are not talked about due to embarrassment, lack of understanding, and the low priority of such problems in the face of starvation, death, illiteracy, and struggles in daily life.

We as a team are running a campaign to distribute free sanitary pads to underprivileged girls from rural India. 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the #HygieneForShe campaign, dedicated to raising awareness about menstrual hygiene and addressing the challenges faced by women and girls during their menstruation cycle. This campaign is centered around education, empowerment, and ensuring access to sanitary pads for those in need.

Menstruation is a natural and healthy process, yet it remains a taboo subject in many societies, leading to misinformation, stigmatization, and discrimination. We believe it is time to break the silence and provide the necessary support to women and girls. Through #HygieneForShe, we aim to foster an environment where menstruation is understood, respected, and embraced without any shame or embarrassment.

One of the key aspects of the campaign is education. We are actively working with schools, colleges, and community centers to conduct interactive workshops and awareness sessions on menstrual health. By providing accurate information about menstrual hygiene, we aim to dispel myths and misconceptions, empowering women and girls to make informed choices regarding their well-being.

Furthermore, we recognize the financial burden that menstrual products can place on individuals and families with limited resources. To address this issue, the #HygieneForShe campaign includes the distribution of sanitary pads to those who cannot afford them. We have partnered with local businesses, organizations, and generous individuals who have pledged their support to ensure a steady supply of sanitary pads for those in need. Together, we can eliminate the barrier of affordability and ensure that every woman and girl has access to safe and hygienic menstrual products.

We also emphasize the importance of sustainable menstrual practices. Through our campaign, we promote the use of eco-friendly and reusable sanitary products such as menstrual cups and cloth pads. By adopting these alternatives, we can reduce the environmental impact of disposable products and contribute to a greener future.

We invite each and every one of you to join us in this noble cause. Here's how you can contribute:

Spread the word: Share the #HygieneForShe campaign on your social media platforms, raising awareness and encouraging open conversations about menstrual health.

Volunteer: If you have knowledge or skills related to menstrual hygiene, consider becoming a volunteer for our workshops and awareness sessions. Your expertise can make a real difference in the lives of women and girls.

Donate: Your generous contributions can help us procure and distribute sanitary pads to those who cannot afford them. Even a small donation can have a significant impact.

Be an advocate: Challenge the stigma surrounding menstruation by speaking up and challenging discriminatory practices. Your voice matters, and together, we can change perceptions.

Let's work together to ensure that every woman and girl has access to proper menstrual hygiene products, education, and support. Together, we can create a world where menstruation is celebrated, and no one is left behind.

Remember, it's not just a women's issue; it's a human rights issue.

You can be a helping hand for this noble cause, please come forward with your kind support.




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