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The Trailblazers 2024

A National Level article writing Challenge open to all 

swami Vivekananda


The Nation Builders

A National Level Article writing competition open to all

A photo capturing the essence of the writing competition event. In the foreground, a group of participants sits at long tables, engrossed in their writing, penning their thoughts onto paper or typing on laptops. The atmosphere is vibrant with creativity, as participants wear expressions of concentration and inspiration


Freedom Icons

A National level drawing competition on the occasion of Independence Day

The winner of Freedom Icons 2022 organised by Youthisthan Foundation


The Ramanujan Challenge

A National Level Mathematics Challenge open to all students

A photo showcasing the Ramanujan Mathematics Challenge winner standing proudly, holding the prestigious award


The Trailblazers 2023

A National Level Article writing competition on the occasion of National Youth Day

The Trailblazers 2023 is a national level article writing competition organised by Youthisthan Foundation
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