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Take out your precious time to express your love and gratitude for the elderly at the most vulnerable stage of their lives.


110 Million

Elderly people in India, the second largest in World

36 Million 

36 million elderly people are isolated and alone


36 million elderly people are  dependent on others

Poor Health 

Not capable to do their routine work on their own 

Mental Illness

At this stage, they need love and care 

Support us to build an old age home

       About Mangal Van: An old age home

The elderly population in India is one of the fastest-growing in the world. India's elderly population is about 11 Crores and 30% of them live alone. This figure is projected to grow to 17.3 crore by 2026. As per a survey, for most Indian senior citizens the biggest concerns prevailing are healthcare costs, lack of financial support and seclusion. Due to the negligence of their children and loved ones they are forced to live an isolated life without proper safety and security. Even most of them are struggling with basic needs food, cloth, and shelter. While the life of old age is supposed to be spent in peace, this purpose is not satisfied most of the time. While some elders are at least supported monetarily by their children, others rely on their retirement savings/pensions, while the least fortunate are penniless and abandoned. In either of the above cases, they are subsequently left alone to survive in the most vulnerable stage of their lives. Some of them are in the very worst conditions in unsupervised, abusive, and neglected environments.  

All they seek is stress-free and peaceful old-age living.   


  1. To provide a safe and secure old age home with all basic facilities.

2. To support the elderly people who are struggling with survival.

3. To provide a healthy and happy living environment to make their old age stress-free and peaceful.  


To build an environment friendly old age home to serve elderly people with utmost love and care. At Mangal Van we provides furnished accommodation with all basic amenities, personal care staff, medical facilities and other facilities to make their life happy and peaceful.

Why do we need your help?

The Project cost to build an environment friendly old age home and make it operational is Rs. 48 Lakh. Land acquisition process for Mangal Van is already started. We have idea and vision but it can't be done without your kind contribution. A small contribution of yours makes their old age living satisfied and peaceful.  

Why you should contribute?

1. You would be the reason elderly people spent their life of old age with peace and happiness. 

2. Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.

3. It is the best way to make a remarkable impact on elders life.

Mangal Van-An Old Age Home

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Mangal Van-An old Age home




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