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Result Announcement: 'The Nation Builders 2023' Article Writing Competition

Dear Participants, Esteemed Judges, and Supporters,

🎉 We are thrilled to announce the results of 'The Nation Builders 2023,' a prestigious national-level article writing competition organised by the Youthisthan Foundation. This remarkable event witnessed participation from individuals spanning every stage of life, including students, professionals, housewives, civil servants, and many others from all corners of our diverse nation. The exceptional range of entries presented our judges with the delightful challenge of selecting the most deserving. 🎉

Important Information:

📧 E-certificates will be dispatched to all participants via email within the next 48 hours.

🏆 The distribution of mementos, cash prizes, and certificates will occur as scheduled.

💰 Cash Prize Sharing: In cases where two or more participants secured the same rank, the cash prize will be shared equally among them.

🏅 Let's celebrate the extraordinary achievements of our talented participants:


G. Lalitha

Award: Cash Prize of ₹ 10,000, Memento, Certificate

1st Runner-Up:

Aditya Sharma

Award: Cash Prize of ₹ 6,000, Memento, Certificate

2nd Runner-Up:

Avichal Bhatnagar & Sanya Tyagi

Award: Cash Prize of ₹ 4,000, Memento, Certificate

Honourable Mentions:

Anivesh Kashyap

Vedashree B N

Saroj Kumar Ojha

Abheesht Shrivastava

Dilip Hazarika

Manika Gupta

J. Mahaswethaa

Award: Memento, Certificate

Appreciable Effort:

Dr. Madhuchandra Laxman Bhusare

M. Rahithraaj

Sudha Dave

Sooraj Raveendran

Somdatta Ghosh

Dr. Arpita Subhadarshinee

Award: Memento, Certificate

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed panel of judges for their unwavering commitment and expertise, which played a pivotal role in ensuring a fair and thorough evaluation of the submissions.

We received numerous high-quality articles, and while we couldn't select all deserving ones due to limited slots, the competition's core message about the importance of teachers was effectively spread. Your valuable contributions to this event are truly commendable. Your participation is a testament to your dedication to the art of writing, and we encourage you to continue honing your skills.

Once again, congratulations to all the participants, and thank you to everyone who contributed to making 'The Nation Builders 2023' an unforgettable success!

Warm regards,

Arti Gaur

Event Coordinator

Youthisthan Foundation 🌟📝

📢 Invitation: The Nation Builders 2023 Article Writing Competition! 🏆
Are you ready to showcase your writing prowess and be a part of a remarkable event? 🖋️ Youthisthan Foundation proudly presents 'The Nation Builders 2023' – a national-level article writing competition, in celebration of Teachers Day!
📋 Event Details:
📅 Article Submission Deadline: August 25, 2023
📅 Registration Closes: August 25, 2023
📅 Result Declaration: September 5, 2023
📅 E-Certificate Download: September 5, 2023
📅 Certificates & Trophies Dispatch: September 30, 2023
📅 Certificates & Trophies Delivery: October 7, 2023
📅 Publication on Website & Social Media: October 15, 2023
🏆 Why Participate?
✔️ Enhance your resume with national-level competition experience.
✔️ Express your thoughts on a designated topic through your writing.
✔️ Winners stand a chance to win cash prizes up to Rs. 20,000, along with a prestigious memento and certificate.
✔️ Every participant receives a participation certificate, recognizing their contribution.
🎉 How to Join:
✔️Mark your calendar for the event – the registration kick-off!
✔️Polish your writing skills and craft your article with creativity and passion.
✔️Submit your article by August 25, 2023, to be in the running for exciting prizes.
✔️Await the result declaration on September 5, 2023, and grab your well-deserved e-certificate.
🎁 Rewards Await:
Outstanding writers will be honored with cash prizes, mementos, and certificates. Your efforts will also be showcased on our website and social media platforms on October 15, 2023!
📢 Join us in celebrating the true heroes of our lives – our teachers – through the power of words.
Let's build a brighter future together! 🌟

📢 Important Information for 'The Nation Builders 2023' Participants

Attention all participants registered for 'The Nation Builders 2023'!

Enrollment Ticket and Article Submission Link have been dispatched via email to all registered participants. Please keep an eye on your email inbox for a message from our official email address: If you don't see the email in your inbox, we recommend checking your spam folder to ensure you don't miss out on any crucial details.

Should you encounter any issues or require assistance, feel free to reach out to our team at

Thank you for your dedication to becoming a part of positive change, and we look forward to an inspiring and transformative event at 'The Nation Builders 2023'!

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements.

Best regards,

The Youthisthan Foundation Team

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Get published your article in a national level magazine

The Nation Builders

A National Level Article Writing Competition
on the occasion of

Teacher's Day 

''Aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah'' (“Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions”)- this ancient quote from the Rig Veda rightly upholds the importance of knowledge in the Indian society. The act of exploration and dissemination of knowledge has been given the most revered position in India. The resulting Guru- Shishya tradition of our country is therefore a beacon for the world to follow. Over the centuries, India has been a land of great teachers. From Lord Krishna’s universal teachings in the Bhagwada Gita to Ramkrishna Paramhansa’s ideas of humanistic spirituality, several personalities have influenced humanity in a substantial manner. One such personality of the last century was Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. An erudite scholar, President, Vice-president, and Vice-Chancellor, he donned many hats during his lifetime. But the role that he cherished the most was that of a teacher surrounded by his students discussing philosophy. One of the finest minds of his time, he is famous for suggesting his students to celebrate his birthday as the teacher’s day, in recognition of their great role in nation-building. In a similar manner, we at the Youthisthan Foundation, are doing our bit to re-establish the importance of teacher and the legacy of our ancient guru- shishya tradition in the 21st century. We are organising an event ‘The Nation Builders 2023’ – a national-level article writing competition on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

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"The Guru is the bright mask which God wears in order to come to us."
                                                                                         - SWAMI VIVEKA




1. Trophy

2. Certificate (Physical Copy)

3. Article will be published in our Monthly magazine, Website, and social media

4. Physical Copy of Magazine

5.  Cash Prize of ₹ 10,000

First Runner up

1. Trophy

2. Certificate (Physical Copy)

3. Article will be published in our Monthly magazine, Website, and social media

4. Physical Copy of Magazine

5.  Cash Prize of ₹ 6,000

Second Runner up

1. Trophy

2. Certificate (Physical Copy)

3. Article will be published in our Monthly magazine, Website, and social media

4. Physical Copy of Magazine

5.  Cash Prize of ₹ 4,000

Next Best Seven

1. Trophy

2. Certificate (Physical Copy)

3. Article will be published in our Monthly magazine, Website, and social media

4. Physical Copy of Magazine

Certificate of participation will be awarded to all the participants


Important Dates

Registration Starts: April 21, 2023
Articles submission: August 25, 2023
Registration close: August 25, 2023

Result Declaration: September 5, 2023
E-Certificate Download: September 5, 2023
Dispatch of Certificates/Trophy: September 30, 2023
Delivery of Certificates/Trophy: October 7
, 2023
Publication on Website & Social Media: October 15, 2023
Publication in Monthly Magazine: October 2023
Dispatch of Magazine
: November 20, 2023

Note: We are a charitable organization and don't work for a profit. Our only aim through this activity is to provide a platform to awaken the youths towards nation-building. 



Register For the competition

You will get registration acknowledgment immediately after registration.


Get the Enrollment Number

You will get an Enrollment Number within 48 hours of registration



Submit your article 

You need to submit your article in pdf format

(Submission link will be shared within 72 hours of registration)


Wait for the result 

The result will be announced as per the schedule given



You are eligible

1. You are enrolled as a college student at any college or university.
2. You are enrolled in professional courses (CA, CS, CMA, B. Ed. etc.) with professional institutions.
3. You are preparing for competitive exams and civil services. 
4. You are enrolled in research programs with any university or institution recognized with UGC.
5. You are enrolled with any other institute as a student or learner.
6. You are a Teacher or any other Professional. 
7. You are a housewife. 
8. Any other person above the age of 18 years. 


Topic (Any one of your choice)
1. Reimagining the role of a teacher in the context of the National Education Policy, 2020.
2. How teaching can regain its lost glory of ancient times of the guru-shishya parampara.
3. “If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society’s heroes."- Elaborate on the importance of teachers in the 21st century in light of this statement.
4. T
he supply side problem of Indian education- the system can't truly deliver if teaching remains the last option for us.

Information and Code of conduct for opinion writing 

1. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
2. Use of ChatGpt is strictly prohibited. 
3. The expression of ideas should illustrate the central theme.
4. Personal experiences based on the theme are encouraged. 
5. Entries may be either in English or Hindi or any other Indian language. The entry should be submitted in PDF file format only within the word limit of 1000-1200 words.
6. Write-up text should be submitted in readable font of Hindi or English or other Indian languages. Font size should be 12 for English and 14 for Hindi and other regional languages. Line spacing should be 1.5 only.
7. Every participant can send one entry only. 
8. The article must be original written in either Hindi or English or regional language by the submitting author, and never published (even online).
9. The decision of the panel instituted for the selection shall be final and binding to all. 

Judgment Criteria

1. Central Theme- Contextual (20%)
2. Coherence and organization in structure (20%) 
3. Creativity and innovation (40%)
4. Clarity in language expression and style (20%)

Contribution to our cause 

As a charitable organization, we do not make a profit from registration fees. We spend all the money we raise on humanitarian and charitable causes. If you would like to support us further in our social and charitable initiatives, we welcome you with an open 

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