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Homelessness is not a choice

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Homelessness is not a choice

"Housing is not just about four walls and a roof, it's Joy, Blessing, and Protection to those who don't have it."

Have we ever thought about the Problem of homelessness? Whether it is birds or animals, everyone needs a shelter to return to after a long day, a place to find comfort and rest in. How can we expect a man, who needs everything throughout the world to fulfill his desires, to be without a home, without a base to rely upon?

In our Country, Around 1.77 million people are homeless. Poverty is the root cause of homelessness. Some more causes are family breakdown, disabled people, unmarried pregnant women, unemployment, abusement, and many more. Whether it is cold or warm weather, they have to rely upon the local public to provide them some of the basic facilities and space to provide a canopy to themselves from the scorching sun or provide warm clothes for the cold.

According to the 2011 census 1.77 million people in India are homeless which counts for 0.15% of the total population. The United Nations has documented 100 million people are homeless worldwide whereas 1.6 billion people lacked adequate housing. 

In relation to homelessness, syllogisms say, “If there is a lack of affordable housing, then there will be a significant increase in homelessness." Homeless people are not lazy as society thinks but they are suffering from societal problems. Society has a different view towards Homeless People, We have divided the population into upper and lower classes, thus We think Homeless people are a burden to society and we ignore them in the thought that they are dirty or a thief. But in reality, they need the support of the Government and society. Along with NGOs and the Government, We can help them by Donation or employing them.

For example, You have a saree shop, and by mistake, you have kept one of the most beautiful and expensive saree in your shop without a cover or box. Then the customer doubts its expensiveness, although it is one of the most beautiful and expensive saree in the shop. Likewise, Homeless people don't have shelter to cover themselves but it doesn't mean they are not part of the economy, in fact, they also play a vital role in the economy, and thus they should be pushed up.

The solution to this problem is providing them shelter at a low rate by the government, providing employment opportunities, and removing discrimination. NGOs and religious charities play a very vital role in helping the homeless. The government has also organised missions like NULM ( National Urban Livelihood Mission) for the betterment of homeless people. It is great that humanity still exists and the believers of humanity understand that homelessness is not a choice but a form of systematic discrimination and social exclusion.

"Provide Shelter to the Homeless, Gain Better Picture of the Economy..."


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